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eSmart Networks Ltd

Connecting your project to the electricity networks in the quick

eSmart Networks are experts at connecting you to the grid. We simplify the process in order to allow you to focus on your programme, and the date you need your connection by.

We analyse the Distribution Network Operator network to secure the most cost-efficient point of connections, looking out for any third-party land issues that could risk your programme. We then phase the connection around your build programme – using our own team to do the physical connections to the DNO network, allows us to take full control of the programme – giving you date and cost certainty.

Renewable energy generation and battery storage is becoming more important for commercial connections. Our teams can help integrate these technologies and can ensure G59, G99 and G100 compliance.

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Contact Details

eSmart Networks Ltd
4 Tamdown Way,
United Kingdom

Jonathan Cheney
Business Development Manager

07736 925241

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