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Social Energy

Creating in Home Flexibility Resources with AI

Social Energy are digitising the energy industry, delivering organic renewable energy, through a network of homeowners with solar, across the UK.

Our smart energy platform allows you to generate, store and trade 100% renewable energy and get paid a market leading price for doing so. With our smart battery technology, you can reduce your bills by up to 70%, with 5 fully automated revenue streams.

With our exclusive trading tariff, you get access to cheap green electricity 24 hours a day, meaning you don’t have to change your lifestyle, to save on your energy bills.

The Economy 24 tariff is made possible by our proprietary AI platform, that measures the energy usage in your home on a second by second basis. With over 600 million data points generated per home per year, the artificial intelligence can predict your energy usage and market conditions 24 hours in advance. This means we can trade effectively for you, making sure that you have the cheapest energy no matter when you need it. As the only energy provider with National Grid qualification for domestic energy trading, we can unlock the revenue potential of the energy markets.

You keep 70% of all the trading benefits generated by your system. We keep 30% to fund our continuing work.

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