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Leading German manufacturer of complete photovoltaic systems

SOLARWATT is the leading German manufacturer of glass-glass solar modules, smart batteries and energy management systems for homes and businesses. For 25 years, the company has stood for premium quality, Made in Germany.

SOLARWATT products are underpinned by industry-leading cover. Our glass-glass modules carry the most comprehensive 30-year warranty on both product quality and performance. MyReserve smart solar batteries are among the world’s most advanced, with an efficiency rating of 99.2% and a compact, modular design. These robust batteries will last 15-20 years, with a warranty of 10 years retaining at least 80% of storage capacity.

EnergyManager measures, switches and virtualises all aspects of your photovoltaic system and household appliances.

SOLARWATT systems come with a free FullCoverage insurance policy, with protection from theft of components, weather, flooding, vandalism, defects due to overvoltage, short circuits, etc.. it also covers losses due to downtime from these events.

SOLARWATT is extending its presence in the UK through training and marketing support for its installation partners. Installers use SOLARWATT’s Experience app on their mobile devices to provide a 3D virtual showroom, with brochures, graphics, technical data, showing customers how their system will look and function once installed.

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