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Leading German manufacturer of complete photovoltaic systems


SOLARWATT’s glass-glass modules are long-lasting and extremely robust against environmental influences.
These lightweight modules with 2mm thin glass panes on front and back are built to withstand harshest environmental conditions, such as ammonia, salt spray, hail- or sandstorms and high snow loads. We believe in their quality Made in Germany and therefore grant them not only 30 years of product guarantee, but also a 30-year performance guarantee.

Vision 60M style
Our sleek, clear module with black monocrystalline cells and black aluminium frame, turning every roof into an eye-catcher.

Vision 60M
Our high-performance module with a white back and silver aluminium frame to earn highest yields on every little roof.

EasyIn 60M style
Our Vision module combined with a clever frame system to fit perfectly into your roof and create one sleek surface.

Vision 36M glass
Our frameless module designed for caports, fassades and patios.

SOLARWATT EnergyManager

SOLARWATT's EnergyManager monitors, controls and regulates all energy flows in a household. It ensures that a maximum amount of solar power is consumed within the household in order to reduce the amount of purchased mains power that must be purchased. This reduces energy bills to a minimum and ensures an intelligent distribution of self-generated solar power to various appliances.

The EnergyManager is able to switch appliances on and off to efficiently use surplus solar power for water heating, central heating or EV charging. Simple appliances like pool pumps can also be controlled through the use of smart plugs. The included EnergyManager Portal can be accessed from any browser worldwide, giving you the freedom and security to control your home's energy flows on the go.


SOLARWATT's MyReserve battery is built as a matrix consisting of just two components: the MyReserve Pack battery module and the MyReserve Command, the control centre of the battery. Thanks to this extendable design, it is virtually unlimited in terms of capacity and performance. The range of suitable applications now spans from a single-family home, to a craftsman’s workshop, all the way up to industrial purposes.

The MyReserve is unlike other batteries as it’s installed on the DC side, storing direct current from the PV system, so only one conversion stage is required. Only when the electricity is consumed in the household is it changed to alternating current. The battery's performance ratio is 97%, bringing the entire system's performance ratio to 93 %.

All of this makes SOLARWATT's MyReserve one of the fastest, best performing batteries on the market.

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