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SunSniffer GmbH & Co. KG

Actionable information down to module level for all PV plants

SunSniffer is the technical wing of a family office with a PV power plant portfolio. Operating those plants, SunSniffer faced issues for which no solution was on the market yet. With a team of engineers and software architects, SunSniffer developed the SunSniffer technology: module precise measurements with super low-cost sensors and analysis by artificial intelligence; latest development: a Digital Twin.

With this technology mere data becomes actionable. In the SunSniffer Webportal all relevant KPIs of the plant and of the modules are shown – like STC values of the modules in operation, IV curves, etc. Concrete information is provided about modules to be exchanged due to warranty cases, or defects, etc. Soiling is measured module precise, and thus the artificial intelligence is able to propose cleaning schedules according to actual need.

SunSniffer saves a great amount of O&M work and expenses, and helps to increase yield. The plant with SunSniffer is working always at its best, producing at optimal level.

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    SunSniffer GmbH & Co. KG
    Ludwig-Feuerbach-Sr. 69

    Ingmar Kruse

    +49 911 993 992 0

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