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A New Angle on Energy

Our Vision
We make access to green technology simple and profitable for everyone to help build a sustainable world. We do this by:
• Using the latest online and digital technology to give accurate remote surveys.
• Applying advanced mathematical modelling to the design process, helping to design the very best systems for our customers.
• Delivering consistent and 100% transparent pricing, so that customers can clearly see what they’re getting and what each item costs.

The Tanjent way
• A good job is a tidy job. Our skilled tradespeople aren’t only technically competent – they’re also handy with a dustpan and brush. A clean workplace is a safe workplace.
• Our prices are fair and consistent. We all need to make a living, but not at the expense of acting with integrity. We break down our costs so you can see exactly what you’re getting for your money.
• The client always wins. In any real job, occasionally things don’t go to plan. If that happens, it’s down to us to fix the problem.

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    Contact Details

    Meadow View
    Love Lane
    Kings Langley
    WD4 9HL

    Dr Trevor Larkum
    Chief Technical Officer

    01908 90 40 20

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