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Enzen launches new AI-based Network Analysis services

Image: Enzen.

Image: Enzen.

Enzen has launched Network Analysis services, offering distribution network operators (DNO) modelling and forecasting tools.

The services utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enable both DNOs and independent distribution network operators (IDNOs) to access, plan and invest in their networks more effectively, with Enzen claiming the use of AI and ML results in more accurate, reliable and efficient data compared to manual analysis.

The services offer DNOs and IDNOs modelling, forecasting and resilience analysis of Low Voltage networks, meaning they can accommodate increasing renewable energy connections for efficiently according to the company.

It outlined how these services come at a “critical time” with many of these utilities facing cost constraints due to the RIIO-ED2 framework.

In December 2020, Ofgem set out its methodology for the next price control period, which put an emphasis on data sharing, flexibility and forward planning.

The price control – which is to run for five years from April 2023 - is to ensure less of consumers’ money goes towards DNOs’ profits and more towards investing in network capacity to fight climate change, according to the regulator, with a focus on ensuring DNOs support an increasingly decentralised energy market, requiring new distribution system operation responsibilities with enhanced capabilities in planning, operation and market services.

Sanjay Neogi, head of UK and Europe at Enzen, said the need to accommodate sustainable energy sources on the electricity grid quickly and efficiently has "never been more urgent", adding that Enzen's new services will allow DNOs to analyse and plan more accurately for a range of scenarios, giving the examples of renewable energy connections or electric vehicle charging requirement.


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