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800 JustPark residential EV chargers to be added into Zap-Home network

Image: Zap-Map.

Image: Zap-Map.

Parking platform JustPark is to make over 800 electric vehicle (EV) chargers available on the Zap-Map platform from June 2021.

These chargepoints - which will initially be located on residential driveways – will form part of the Zap-Home network, allowing drivers to pre-book and pay to use residential chargers through the Zap-Map app.

Chargepoints are to be continually added following the June launch, with the addition of the JustPark chargers to take the number of Zap-Home points available from over 1,200 to 2,000.

The two companies are now urging EV drivers to turn their private home chargers into publicly available units for the local community, stating that this community charging will be "increasingly important".

Anthony Eskinazi, founder and CEO of JustPark, said that charging solutions are needed that allow all EV drivers to easily and reliably charge without being forced to "only rely on city centre chargers", with EV ownership today "heavily weighted towards people lucky enough to have their own driveway to charge on".

In February, Zap-Map made two new hires, appointing Richard Bourne as interim CEO and Alex Earl as commercial director.

The company offers a number of EV-related services, including both Zap-Home and Zap-Pay, the latter of which is designed to make paying for charging simpler by allowing drivers to use a single app to pay across different networks.

ESB Energy became the latest to join the service, adding its 1,100 chargepoints in Ireland and 145 rapid chargers in Coventry and London in January.


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