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ADE bids to standardise DSR market with new Flex Assure scheme

Image: Getty.

Image: Getty.

The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) has launched a new flexibility assurance scheme, designed to help C&I customers understand and participate in flexibility markets.

The Flex Assure scheme builds on from the establishment of a code of conduct for suppliers, launched late last year, and professes to help businesses compare the different services offered by aggregators.

The membership scheme is voluntary, but the ADE has backed it to provide greater transparency and give businesses more confidence in a rapidly evolving, but often complicated market. Common standards will be set across the flexibility industry in the aim of establishing some early standardisation.

John Bryant, director of business development at the ADE, said the scheme would be an “important tool” for setting industry-wide standards and to increase participation in flexibility markets.

Seven demand-side response providers and aggregators have already applied to join the scheme so far, including Centrica Business Solutions, Enel X, Engie, Flexitricity, GridBeyond, Kiwi Power and npower Business Solutions.

Kiwi Power head of public affairs Jonathan Ainley said it was essential that businesses are capable of comparing solutions and trusting the information they receive.

“Flex Assure is an important step forward for the industry, and a mark of the high standards KiWi Power sets for ourselves. It’s what every business should expect from their DSR aggregator,” he said.


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