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AI scheme will mine clean power data to slash hydrogen production costs

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Open Energi has partnered with ITM Power to use AI for the optimisation of hydrogen production through use of clean electricity.

The Dynamic Demand 2.0 energy optimisation platform uses AI to bolster production by drawing a link with electricity prices and renewable generation in real-time.

The AI-based tool will match the energy use of electrolysers to when the supply of low-cost, clean energy is at its highest. This then reduces the cost of hydrogen production.

The platform, developed by Open Energi, has been connected to six 330kW hydrogen electrolysers serving a network of vehicle refuelling stations in the UK.

The partnership comes as a UK refuelling collaboration agreement between ITM and Shell is extended. Two of the sites involved in the project, in Cobham and Beaconsfield, are Shell service stations supplied and managed by ITM. The four ITM sites are located in Sheffield, Teddington, Rainham and Swindon.

David Hill, director of Open Energi, said: “With the UK setting net-zero emissions targets into law, the potential of hydrogen to act as a clean fuel source is absolutely beyond question. This is especially true for the heating and transportation sectors, which are the most difficult to decarbonise.”

Open Energi is also working on the Powerloop vehicle-to-grid project being led by Octopus Energy, which launched in 2018. The project recently upgraded its Powerloop consumer bundle, including what it claims is the world’s smallest and lightest V2G charger.


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