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Centrica Business Solutions to optimise Eelpower’s 10MW battery

Eelpower's Leverton Battery. Image: ​Centrica Business Solutions.

Eelpower's Leverton Battery. Image: ​Centrica Business Solutions.

Centrica Business Solutions is to optimise Eelpower’s 10MW Leverton storage project.

The site in Lincoln was commissioned in 2017, and was designed to provide balancing services to the National Grid.

It will be optimised in multiple markets using Centrica Business Solutions' FlexPond platform, which will identify opportunities to support the balancing of the grid network, both months in advance and in real time.

Louis Burford, head of optimisation at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “We know how vital battery storage will be for hitting the UK’s net zero commitments, but investor confidence remains low.

“By offering guaranteed returns and ensuring that the battery is active across numerous markets, we can unlock the returns that investors require for large scale energy infrastructure projects, and importantly stay within the battery’s warranty conditions.”

Eelpower has signed a fixed guaranteed return for a seven year term with Centrica, with additional payments for every battery cycle above and beyond the guarantee starting on the first day of the contract.

Mark Simon, chief executive of Eelpower, said: “Having the certainty of return was a very attractive aspect of the proposition from Centrica Business Solutions. We’ve done our due diligence on their FlexPond platform and we’re confident that we’re putting our battery in safe hands.”

Centrica Business Solutions partnered with domestic battery storage company sonnen at the beginning of 2020, using its FlexPond platform to develop a virtual power plant.


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