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Centrica continues Lotus partnership with green electricity supply deal

Image: Lotus.

Image: Lotus.

Centrica and Lotus have agreed a green electricity supply deal following the duo developing a new model for electric vehicle (EV) ownership.

Centrica’s British Gas Business arm is now supplying the sports car maker’s headquarters and supporting facilities with green electricity, with the contract having begun on 1 October.

The electricity supplied is Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO)-backed, something the supplier has been criticised for in the past. In January it unveiled its 100% renewable tariff, however its use of REGOs was branded a "shortcut" by Good Energy.

Lotus is not restricted to using the electricity supplied by British Gas, however, as it can develop its own renewable assets on site to self-support its power needs as part of its flexible contract.

The duo first unveiled their partnership in May, announcing they were developing a new model for EV ownership together in a bid to integrate future mobility and energy.

The aim of this was to “redefine the customer relationship with cars” by making the car an extension of the home, with the car able to store electricity and generate income through providing energy services to the energy market.

Current± spoke to vice president of Centrica Innovations, Carl Bayliss, about the partnership, with Bayliss stating that the two companies wanted to “push the boundaries” rather than “building upon a legacy model”.

The companies are also set to introduce a sustainability programme across Lotus that will leverage innovative, low-carbon technologies and mitigate the impacts of key business operations from manufacturing through to sales and supporting functions, they said.

"This is a step change and the start of an exciting journey for Lotus, which is not only about decarbonisation and environmental awareness, but also about making a significant, positive contribution to the customer journey," Uday Senapati, Lotus Cars’ executive director of corporate strategy and product management, said.

"Next steps include working across our supply chain as part of our net zero pledge, launching more zero-emissions vehicles as introduced with the Lotus Evija hypercar, and ensuring these vehicles are manufactured and distributed using the latest, sustainable technology and techniques."


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