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Centrica launches digital-first residential energy brand British Gas Evolve

Image: Centrica.

Image: Centrica.

Centrica has launched a new residential energy brand, designed to offer low-cost, digital-first energy it says.

British Gas Evolve offers 100% renewable energy, and was launched to a limited number of customers on Monday (5 October) ahead of a wider launch later this year.

Along with its emphasis on clean energy, Centrica has said this new brand will offer innovations designed to help customers reduce energy usage and carbon. Whilst not yet specified, the company suggested that these could include electric vehicle offers or home management tools like pricing that moves with supply and demand.

“Our ambition is to be not just the largest but also a growing energy supplier in the UK for residential customers and small businesses – providing an effortless reliable, low-cost, sustainable service that attracts and retains customers for the long term,” wrote Peter Simon, managing director of New Energy Platforms at Centrica, in a blog concerning the launch.

British Gas Evolve is designed to build on learnings from the utility's current trials – British Gas Lite and British Gas X. These technological trials support 60,000 business and 17,000 residential customers at the moment.

“We will be exploring the role British Gas Evolve can play in sustainability and how it can appeal to customers who might not always think of British Gas as the first place for these innovations,” continued Simon. “We will also partner with other businesses to deliver these opportunities and find new ways to engage with our customers.”

In January, the utility giant launched its first green tariff – the Green Future Plus July 2022 – in an effort to meet customer demand for more sustainable energy options.


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