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Centrica to integrate EVs with smart devices in new ownership model

Image: Lotus.

Image: Lotus.

Centrica is developing a new model for electric vehicle (EV) ownership in a bid to integrate future mobility and energy.

The model - which Centrica states will integrate connected vehicles, homes and customers - is being developed in partnership with motor manufacturer Lotus.

The duo are aiming to “redefine the customer relationship with cars” by making the car an extension of the home, with the car able to store electricity and generate income through providing energy services to the energy market.

Centrica envisions that this changed relationship will involve cars being controlled by smart devices both at home and on the move.

The company will also be facilitating a sustainability program, leveraging low carbon technologies to help mitigate the environmental impact of activities from manufacturing through to sales and the day-to-day activities of Lotus employees.

Carl Bayliss, vice president of Centrica Innovations, said: “We see a future where the customer, car and home are connected, enabling new services beyond charging the car and new products and experiences replacing the unremarkable standard relationship with energy and the ownership of a car today.”

Bayliss also praised Lotus as the “perfect partner” due to the recognition and appeal of its brand across the globe, as well as the fact it is at the beginning of its electrification journey.

Centrica has been ramping up its EV activity, having most recently partnered Volkswagen through its British Gas arm to install home charging stations and provide aftersales services.

The company has also invested in cloud-based software platform Driivz, partnered Ford for a ‘one-stop’ charging solution and partnered car park operator NCP to trial 'charge parks' for professional drivers.


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