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Chargemaster makes ‘logical move’ to 100% renewable supply

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Image: Chargemaster.

The UK’s largest network of public electric vehicle chargers is to be supplied by 100% renewable electricity as operator Chargemaster makes the “logical move” to further reduce the overall carbon footprint of EVs in the UK.

From 1 August, the firm's Polar network, which includes 'Charge Your Car' sites, will switch to green power from an as yet unnamed supplier with a mixed generation portfolio of wind and solar assets. The electricity consumption of the Polar network will be certified and matched to energy generated from these renewable sources.

David Martell, chief executive of Chargemaster, said: “Switching Polar, the UK’s largest EV charging network, to renewable energy is great news for EV drivers in the UK. It reduces the overall emissions of electric motoring, removing the upstream footprint of electricity generation in the same way as drivers have eliminated their tailpipe emissions.”

In the first half of 2017, Chargemaster supplied vehicles with more than 500,000kWh of electricity through its network of more than 5,600 public charging points in the UK, representing more than 40% of all the charging points in the UK.

Speaking to Clean Energy News about the decision, Tom Callow of Chargemaster added that the decision had been made easier by the significant market share that the company has reached.

“Our view has always been to grow the network first because clearly to support EV drivers principally you need to get more charging infrastructure out there. We are now in a position where we operate over 40% of the UK's overall charging network.

“We think it's a great thing to further reduce the overall carbon footprint of EVs in the UK and our goal has always been to reduce emissions so this is a logical move to keep going forward. Obviously the grid has to decarbonise so why not make the switch sooner rather than later?

“We're always looking at partnerships like this in the background and it was the right partner and the right time,” he said.

By matching every mile driven by EVs charging on the POLAR network to renewable energy, the supply deal is likely to grow, with Chargemaster expecting to install more than 250 of its UK-manufactured Ultracharge rapid chargers this year.

Chargemaster now joins the likes of Ecotricity's Electric Highway and Source London in offering 100% renewable electricity for EV charging, while green supplier Good Energy told CEN it was in ongoing discussions with a number of operators of charging infrastructure and manufacturers/installers of charging equipment as it looks develop its EV proposition.


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