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COP26 Presidency programme includes day dedicated to energy

The COP26 summit will be held in Glasgow at the beginning of November. Image: COP26.

The COP26 summit will be held in Glasgow at the beginning of November. Image: COP26.

The UK has released the Presidency programme for the upcoming COP26 summit in Glasgow, with a day dedicated to energy.

For two week at the beginning of November, people from around the UNFCCC will gather in the Scottish city for a programme of discussions and presentations, which run alongside the formal negotiations that sit at the heart of the UN summit.

These have been split into different themes, which each day focusing on a different topic after the World Leader Summit over the first two days. These vary from finance to nature, and from gender to cities, regions and the built environment.

On Thursday 4 November, the theme will be energy, with the programme looking at accelerating the global transition to clean energy.

The COP26 summit is the our“best hope of safeguarding the planet for everyone, building a brighter future and keeping the 1.5C target alive,” said the event's president Alok Sharma.

“From finance to energy and gender to adaptation these are vital issues that need to be addressed to make COP26 inclusive and successful.”

Britain’s energy system has been decarbonising at pace as the nation looks to cut its carbon emissions, in particular by stepping away from the use of unabated coal. Sharma has targeted this in particular, stating that the coal business is “going up in smoke” in a speech to mark six months till COP26 in May.

Since then, the deadline for the closure of all unabated coal plants in the UK has been brought forward to 2024 to further highlight the shift.


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