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Current± launches new webinar series with P375 discussion with Elexon

Once a month a Current± Briefings webinar will be held.

Once a month a Current± Briefings webinar will be held.

Current± is pleased to launch a brand new series of webinars, focusing in on the key drivers of the energy transition in Britain.

Current± Briefings is a series of webinars designed to educate and inform on cutting edge technologies, policy announcements and critical market developments as the energy market continues to shift underneath our feet. Current±'s editorial team will be joined by industry experts to explore such topics before Q&A sessions allow our audience to get under the hood of the energy transition.

"From engaging with our readers, one of the notions which keeps presenting itself is the need for clear and concise information and insight into what can be quite complicated market developments, as and when they happen, in order to help the industry take advantage of key opportunities as they present themselves.

"Our daily news coverage on Current± does an excellent job of breaking these topics down, and our new Current± Briefings series will now go one further, delivering business-critical insight on a regular basis," Liam Stoker, editor in chief at Current± publisher Solar Media, said.

In the first in the webinar series, Current± Briefings, we’re taking a look at Metering behind the Boundary Point, discussing the P375 modification with Elexon’s metering manager Iain Nicoll.

At the beginning of March, Elexon announced a “ground-breaking” code modification that will allow individual asset meters to be used for settlement purposes. This further opens up the Balancing Mechanism (BM) for smaller participants, enabling demand side flexibility assets to play an increasing role in the market.

Iain will discuss the changes to the BSC Central System needed, what the modification means for smaller assets, and the role distributed technologies can play in the BM, before we open up the discussion to questions from participants.

The discussion will be held at 10am on 5 May, and will be followed by a new webinar each month looking at the core market mechanisms, systems and services coming into force in Britain’s energy market.

The first of the new Current± Briefings series webinars will take place on the 5 May 2021 at 10:00 GMT. To register, click here.


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