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Demand side response gathers momentum as more businesses realise the value of flexibility

The role of flexibility in the UK energy market is becoming increasingly important in the transition to a smarter energy system. With Brexit creating uncertainty about what our future energy mix will look like and talk around a subsidy-free market, flexibility plays a crucial part in balancing grid and maintaining security of supply.

This flexibility relies on businesses to manage their energy consumption effectively by reducing or shifting demand out of peak times. As the awareness around demand response continues to grow, more and more businesses are recognising the value of their flexibility and the opportunities to significantly reduce costs and monetise their assets.

SmartestEnergy’s Robert Owens, Vice President of Demand Side Management will be presenting in the Meeting Energy Demand Theatre at EMEX on the 16th November to talk through the commercial benefits available for businesses participating in DSR with the Capacity Market. Robert will explain how to creatively identify operational flexibility, multiplying capacity payments by avoiding peak-time costs and making significant energy savings, and the benefits of doing this with your electricity supplier.

You can also discuss the DSR opportunities for your business by talking to one of their experts on stand B45. SmartestEnergy are the leading supplier of renewable electricity generated by the independent sector and have a portfolio of over 1000 industrial and commercial businesses across the UK.

Find out more from SmartestEnergy on the business opportunities with DSR.

See SmartestEnergy at stand B45.


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