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DPD puts fleet on EV fast track with new 2021 target

Image: DPD

Image: DPD

DPD is to incorporate over 500 EVs into its delivery fleet, claiming a UK first with the addition of new Mercedes-Benz eVito vans.

The move comes as part of the delivery company's commitment to having 550 EVs as part of its fleet by 2021, with 100 of these to be added this year.

The delivery company has commissioned 10 eVito vans to be part of its London fleet, with plans for more to be a part of a nationwide roll-out of EVs later this year. The vans are the 3.2 tonne long-bodied version and can be fully charged in six hours, with a range of approximately 93 miles.

As part of its commitment to reducing emissions in its deliveries, DPD is also intending to open eight all-electric micro-depots in London. It opened its third all-electric microin March this year and it is also working on developing an eCargo bike with Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited.

Dwain McDonald, CEO of DPD, said the eVito vans are a “great addition” to its fleet.

“With the eSprinter due later in the year, we will be building on our very successful and long-term relationship with Mercedes-Benz.

“Effectively, we're already in a position to grow as fast as the manufacturers can supply the vehicles, so the more UK vehicles that are available, the faster the roll-out will be. In the meantime, we are continuing to explore all opportunities to reduce and neutralise our carbon footprint and provide smarter and more efficient urban delivery solutions,” he added.


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