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DriveElectric partners with ReFLEX Orkney to encourage early EV adoption on the green island

Hammars Hill in Orkney, one of the wind projects helping to make the island 100% renewable. Image: OREF.

Hammars Hill in Orkney, one of the wind projects helping to make the island 100% renewable. Image: OREF.

DriveElectric has teamed up with the ReFLEX Orkney project, to support electric vehicles (EVs) to further develop flexibility on the island.

The EV leasing company will offer a range of vehicles from superminis to estate cars, including models such as Renault ZOEs and Teslas, to encourage island residents to make the switch to electric.

Already Orkney is 100% powered by renewable energy, with project ReFLEX launched on the island to demonstrate flexibility in the energy system by using technologies like EVs, as well as batteries, smart chargers and smart meters. The new partnership with DriveElectric will help increase the number of EVs on the island, thereby increasing flexibility.

Mike Potter, managing director, DriveElectric, said the company was delighted to be working with ReFLEX Orkney and suppling EVs to the island.

“DriveElectric isn’t just a vehicle leasing company, we also have extensive experience in the areas of charging and renewable energy. This project is another example of our unique expertise in bringing together vehicles and energy to reduce emissions and create more sustainable communities.”

Vehicles including cars and a variety of vans will be available for test drives in Orkney, with the lease model then including the use of longer-range vehicles for trips onto mainland Scotland.

The scheme will help manage the large upfront costs of EVs, whilst encouraging islanders to make the most of their 100% renewable electricity and expanding the number of flexible assets.

Gareth Davies, managing director of ReFLEX Orkney said they were pleased to be able to encourage early adoption of low carbon technologies like EVs.

“This is very timely with the UK government recently announcing an end of the sale of new petrol and diesel and cars by 2030 as part of an ambitious plan for a green industrial revolution, and yet again Orkney is ahead of the curve, ready to demonstrate to the nation how it can be done.”

ReFLEX Orkney is a £28.5 million project, that was part funded by UK Research and Innovation through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, which was match funded by private investment. It was launched in 2019, to deploy a virtual energy system that digitally links distributed and intermittent renewable power to flexible demand, helping to establish the “energy system of the future” on the isles.


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