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Eelpower and Habitat Energy sign battery optimisation agreement

Both storage sites will have a capacity of 50MW. Image: Eelpower.

Both storage sites will have a capacity of 50MW. Image: Eelpower.

Eelpower and Habitat Energy have signed a three-year battery optimisation agreement for two battery storage assets.

The batteries both have a capacity of 50MW and are being built as part of Eelpower’s joint venture with the Swiss infrastructure fund manager SUSI Partners, which was signed last year.

Habitat will manage the assets – which are located in Fordtown near Aberdeen and Halesworth in Suffolk – using Eelpower’s bespoke Eel Dispatch platform, which was developed with KrakenFlex. The Fordtown asset will provide grid services to Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and National Grid, and Halesworth will support UK Power Networks.

The deal follows four years of collaboration, the companies said, but marks the first route-to-market agreement signed by Eelpower and Habitat.

“We have been close to the Habitat founders as they have pioneered the optimisation of UK battery storage trading while earning a first-class reputation for client service,” said Mark Simon, chief executive of Eelpower.

“We are delighted to be working with Habitat to maximise revenues in our landmark joint venture with SUSI Partners.”

The deal follows Eelpower selecting EDF as a trading and optimising partner for three of its batteries earlier this month.

Habitat Energy was acquired by Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners in November 2021.

“We look forward to integrating with the Eel Dispatch platform and collectively working to deliver market-leading results for Fordtown and Halesworth while providing flexibility to the GB power system as it continues toward net zero,” added Andrew Luers, CEO of Habitat Energy.


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