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eEnergy partners EO Charging in 50k workplace EV charger rollout ambitions

The EV charging rollout is to initially focus on schools. Image: eEnergy

The EV charging rollout is to initially focus on schools. Image: eEnergy

Digital energy services company eEnergy is planning to install at least 50,000 workplace electric vehicle (EV) chargers by 2030, signing an exclusive agreement with EO Charging.

This initial exclusive partnership will deliver mass EV charging for the UK education sector, with the first 200 installations with EO to be completed in April 2022. At least 2,000 chargers are planned to be installed within the first 12 months.

eEnergy is planning on signing additional partnership agreements this year as it accelerates its rollout plans.

The new EV service from eEnergy – dubbed eCharge – is capable of being paired with clean energy procurement as well as energy saving solutions such as LED lighting upgrades, enabling schools, colleges, hospitals and councils to protect themselves against rising energy bills.

It also removes upfront costs, according to the company, which said that at a time of unprecedented energy costs, installing standard EV chargers is not a viable option for many schools and public sector organisations.

However, with eCharge offering longer-term, fully serviced performance contracts, customers are able to install EV charging without upfront investment.

Schools and other organisations will also be able to monetise the EV charging facilities by making them available to local communities or providing charging in place of parking fees.

eEnergy is planning on installing up to 20 chargers per school or workplace, with the company already providing energy services to over 600 schools and 2,000 other workplaces across the UK.

It is to offer flexibility over the rate of charge and number of chargers on site, with 7kW, 11kW and 22kW charging models available.

Harvey Sinclair, CEO, eEnergy said: "Like many employers, schools face a growing demand for EV chargers just as energy costs reach record highs. Our ambitious rollout will make life easier for teachers and other drivers by offering an affordable and accessible alternative."

The partnership with EO Charging follows EO expanding into the US, which in turn came after it listed on Nasdaq through the creation of a combined company with special purpose acquisition company First Reserve Sustainable Growth Corporation.

Last year also saw EO Charging announce a deal with Amazon for the provision of EV charging in the UK, having installed over 800 as of April 2021.


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