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ENA updates DSO Roadmap and Implementation Plan

Image: ENA.

Image: ENA.

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) is celebrating taking another step forward with its interactive roadmap for DSO implementation as it reveals a new update.

The map – which forms part of the association's Open Networks project – has been updated to include an extended search function, a data extraction tool that allows users to download underlying data and improved functionality through changes like the removal of popup windows.

Global energy advisory company DNV partnered with the ENA for the further development of the DSO Roadmap and Implementation Plan, which was initially launched in February.

“Britain’s energy networks are delivering a future power grid that leaves nobody behind, letting homes, businesses and communities make the most of their electric vehicles, batteries and solar panels to power us towards net zero emissions,” said Randolph Brazier, ENA’s director of innovation and electricity systems.

“In order to fully realise the benefits of the growing number of local flexible resources, Britain’s energy networks need to be able to operate in a more adaptable and flexible way to manage local supply and demand. In turn this will help reduce bills and power cuts for customers.”

Using the DSO roadmap can help bring more low-carbon flexibility services onto the network, lower energy bills by reducing the need for reinforcement and reduce power cuts by increasing network performance, according to the ENA.

Rafiek Versmissen, director of energy markets & technology at DNV, added that they were proud to have worked with the ENA to update the DSO Roadmap and Implementation Plan, “which provides essential visibility and confidence to all energy industry stakeholders into the evolution to a smart, flexible energy system".

“This year’s first update demonstrates the tremendous growth and progress our networks have made in delivering DSO for the benefit of our energy system.”

The news follows the ENA unveiling a new, standardised approach to flexibility for distribution network operators yesterday, which also forms part of the Open Networks Project.


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