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Energy 10 years ago, now and 10 years in the future

Energy is often businesses’ second biggest spend after staff, however many aren’t aware of the technology available to help them maximise their energy efficiency and meet environmental goals. 

Chris Billing (pictured) and Mathieu Laneelle from Total will take the EMEX audience on a journey looking at how energy supply technology has changed over the years, what is available now, and what is coming in the future. 

As the development of technology in the energy industry picks up the pace, it is important to also consider where the major developments are going to come from, where they are going to be most efficient, and if alternative energy sources are quirky gimmicks or genuine solutions.

With the significant changes in the fuel mix for the UK’s electricity market over the last decade expected to continue, it is up to energy suppliers to lead the way rather than follow the trends when it comes to investment in renewable energy and efficient technology.

Learn how Total, one of the world’s largest energy suppliers, is adapting to meet the needs of a growing world population, while helping to address the climate change challenge and providing solutions that meet changing customer expectations. The world-leading approach has resulted in Total winning the 2016 Energy Intelligence Award for Leadership in New Energy.

See Total at stand C36.


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