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Engie targets Europe-wide EV charging surge with Fiat Chrysler deal

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Engie is partnering Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for the installation of EV charging stations in 14 countries, including the UK.

The agreement will supply FCA with charging solutions for both dealers and customers through Engie and its subsidiaries Engie Electro Power Systems (Eps) and EVBox.

FCA’s dealers and customers will be supplied with charging stations through EVBox, which will also set up an online platform for FCA to manage its growing charging infrastructure.

This is the latest move in Engie’s EV expansion, having acquired public charging provider ChargePoint Services earlier this week. The new agreement will see it install and maintain the charging stations for FCA and approximately 2,800 dealers.

Final users will be offered the possibility of a home Wallbox charger and an app is to be developed by the two companies for localisation, booking, use and payment of public charging.

Engie Eps has already been in collaboration with FCA since 2016, developing solutions for EV batteries and smart charging.

Isabelle Kocher, CEO of Engie, said the agreement supports the company’s strategy for becoming a leader in the zero carbon transition.

“We will support FCA’s dealers and final customers to best manage the transition to electric mobility, in order to provide a rewarding user experience. Beyond that, we will continue to work together to develop new solutions to further improve use and management of the sustainable mobility.”


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