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EV chargers deployed as part of EV100 commitments surge by 79%

Centrica is one of the companies signed up to EV100. Image: Centrica.

Centrica is one of the companies signed up to EV100. Image: Centrica.

Nearly 16,900 electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints have been installed for companies signed up to The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative.

This is an increase of 79%, with an 84% increase on last year in the number of locations with chargers installed also recorded, rising to 2,100.

This is according to the EV100 Progress and Insights Report 2021. The EV100 initiative sees companies agree to electrify their fleets by 2030. In the UK, companies such as Centrica and SSE have signed up to the initiative.

Across the membership, 6,500 locations have been committed to have charging installed, a 103% increase on last year.

Free charging continues to be the most common approach offered, EV100 said, with 51% of workplace charging and 44% of customer charging either entirely or mostly free of charge for users. The prevalence of renewables used to power charging infrastructure is also increasing, with 50% of members powering their EV charging using 100% renewables. This is a 7% increase on last year, whilst 89% of members are powering their charging with at least some renewables, a 1% increase from last year.

The report also found that the most significant drivers for companies to transition to electric mobility continues to be reducing greenhouse gas emissions (92%) and reducing air pollution (86%).

The most significant barriers cited by EV100 members were lack of charging infrastructure (67%), lack of correct vehicle type (64%) and capital cost of EVs (58%), with light-commercial and heavy-duty vehicles being the most challenging vehicle types.

Alongside EV chargers increasing, the number of EVs deployed by EV100 members has also risen to 169,000, over twice the number from last year. The total number of vehicles committed to be electric by 2030 as part of EV100 commitments has now risen by 80% to 4.8 million.

Sandra Roling, head of transport at The Climate Group, said that corporate uptake of EVs is "on a roll" despite the uncertainty of 2020, describing the business community as having made "remarkable progress in transitioning its fleets".

"The EV revolution is underway", Roling added.


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