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EV charging app Monta expands into UK to boost chargepoint availability

The app started as a way of enabling peer-to-peer charging for neighbours. Image: Monta

The app started as a way of enabling peer-to-peer charging for neighbours. Image: Monta

Danish electric vehicle (EV) charging app Monta has entered the UK market with an aim of meeting what it described as a national shortage of chargepoints.

The app – which is available on iOS, Android and as a web-based app – connects business owners, site managers and private homeowners with chargepoint installers.

EV owners can also use the app to find chargepoints near them, as well as track energy consumption usage and costs, with the app integrating with over 20 of the UK’s chargepoint brands.

Monta CEO Casper Rasmussen said that while the UK is ready to go fully electric, the infrastructure isn’t there yet.

“Our mission is to change that. We believe people shouldn’t be held back from creating a more sustainable and healthier planet due to a lack of availability.”

In March, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) warned that the installation rate of EV chargers will need to jump to 700 daily, with a need for there to be around 2.3 million public chargepoints in service by 2030 to provide adequate coverage and tackle range anxiety.

However, in July the government pledged that infrastructure would not be a barrier in EV uptake in the Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

Since its inception in December 2020, Monta has raised £4.2 million in capital investment, with the app now having over 6,000 active users. It is aiming for 400,000 by 2022.

It started out with a focus on peer-to-peer charging for neighbours to share their chargepoints, before expanding.

Already in the UK, Zap-Map's Zap-Home feature allows EV drivers to share their home chargepoint with other drivers, with parking platform JustPark making over 800 chargers available on Zap-Home from June 2021.


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