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News Tech Everything EV collates data from 50k+ drivers in new EV offering

The data has been gathered directly by through its smart charging app. Image:

The data has been gathered directly by through its smart charging app. Image:

A new data services offering which includes insights on consumer behaviour, infrastructure and electric vehicle (EV) charging has been launched by

The company said the Data as a Service (DaaS) solution has been launched with the intention of helping the wider industry to make data-driven decisions as new and existing market players aim to launch and expand their own EV products.

The datasets included in the solution cover anonymised demographic data, EV makes, models and battery sizes from 50,000+ drivers, as well as infrastructure data on 30,000+ private chargepoints.

Energy usage, cost and carbon intensity from over two million charging session are also being made available.

The data provided has been gathered directly by through its smart charging app, which is available across the UK, US, Germany and Australia, and meets the highest privacy standards, including Europe’s GDPR laws, the company said.

William Goldsmith, head of grid and data services at, said: "We’ve already helped a number of organisations by drawing on our datasets to provide relevant insights and unlock new opportunities. We’re looking forward to future partnerships with organisations within the space.”

Earlier this week, announced it had secured £295,000 in funding to scale up the UK’s first commercially operating virtual power plant (VPP) using only EVs, with having become the first software platform to successfully demonstrate commercially shifting energy consumption from the power grid using only EVs.

It followed the company raising £6.3 million last year to “aggressively” scale the company’s reach across energy utility partners, car manufacturers, charger partners and drivers.


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