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EVBox partners Smappee, launches new smart charging solution

Image: EVBox

Image: EVBox

EVBox has entered into a multi-year agreement with energy management company Smappee for the launch of a new smart EV charging solution.

The two companies are to work together on the global rollout of smart charging and are launching EVBox Smart Charging, a smart charging solution universally compatible with EVBox's chargers.

Dynamic load balancing is to play a key role in the solution, which is used to avoid overloading the grid and ensure the most efficient use of power capacity.

A module is added to the electric panel that allows EV drivers to balance the energy usage of the charging station with other appliances in their home or building.

EVBox's chargers can also be integrated with solar PV through EVBox Smart Charging+. The company is not alone in looking to integrate solar with EV charging, with Rolec EV launching a solar powered charger earlier this year, and myenergi's Zappi product also among the market leaders in this field

A mobile app provides real-time charging data, as well as data on solar production and electricity consumption.

This is the latest of EVBox's partnerships, having partnered with Mercedes-Benz and Engie for an EV 'one-stop-shop'. Engie, which acquired EVBox in 2017, has also been ramping up it's EV offering, acquiring ChargePoint Services last month.

Job Karstons from EVBox said the partnership opens up possibilities for EVBox and its customers.

"Smart Charging features are highly requested in the EV charging market right now, and thanks to us teaming up with Smappee we can now offer such features including dynamic load balancing and integration with solar panels."


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