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EVBox targets V2G tech development as renovated factory opens

Image: EVBox.

Image: EVBox.

EVBox is targeting the development of new technology, including vehicle-to-grid (V2G) with the opening of a renovated factory.

The Bordeaux factory will enable EVBox to conduct R&D in new technologies such as V2G, as well as production of fast and ultra-fast charging stations.

The factory, which was acquired by EVBox in July 2018, has been renovated and upgraded, the company said.

EVBox, which is owned by French energy giant Engie, has been exploring smart charging solutions, having partnered with Smappee in July to create an EV charging solution that allows for smart charging and provides real-time charging data through an app.

EVBox also pledged to open its network to roaming agreements alongside a variety of charging providers, including Allego and NewMotion.

Engie itself is ramping up its EV offerings, having also bought out Chargepoint, which operates the Geniepoint network, earlier this year, as well as having provided over 75,000 charging stations worldwide.

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox, said the newly renovated facility has tripled EVBox’s production capacity of fast charging stations to up to 5000 units per year.

"Our industry is growing rapidly, and especially as of 2020 we expect a massive increase in the demand for EV charging solutions.

“We will continue to expand our product range, while also increasing investments in R&D to maintain a high output of new technologies and innovations," Vereenooghe continued.

V2G is currently being trialed in the UK in the E-Flex trial that is being run by a consortium consisting of Cisco, Cenex, Nuvve and Imperial College London among others, with a variety of participants including last-mile delivery company Gnewt and Plymouth City Council.


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