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EVBox unveils new ultra-fast chargers at CES 2020

Image: EVBox.

Image: EVBox.

EVBox is launching new ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers, unveiling the units at consumer electronics event CES in Las Vegas.

The company will reveal the new EVBox Troniq 100, which is to have an output of up to 100kW, as well as the redesign of EVBox’s high-powered charging (HPC) EVBox Ultroniq, which will have an output of up to 350kW.

Improvements have been made to the cable management of the stations, EVBox said, with retractable and enduring cables, as well as colourful LED lights to guide the user and improve wheelchair accessibility.

Both charging stations feature continuous full power, as well as load balancing, training and certification to partners for installations, support with on-site commissioning, auto-retractable cables and larger touch screens.

The Troniq 100 is to be available globally by Q2 2020 and the Ultroniq by Q3 2020.

HPC chargers are becoming more available in the UK, with Fastned claiming the first install in the country.

Joint venture IONITY has also signed deals for 350kW chargers installed at motorway service stations and at forecourts owned by Motor Fuel Group in Scotland.

GRIDSERVE is also using 350kW chargers, with its first Electric Forecourt in Braintree having 24 of the ultra-fast chargers.

EVBox last year unveiled that it is targeting the development of new technologies, including vehicle-to-grid, as it opened its newly renovated factory in Bordeaux.

The charging manufacturer also announced its partnership with Smappee last year for the launch of a new smart EV charging solution.


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