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Everything EV partners Germany’s BEM to ‘catapult’ Europe’s EV sector forward

Image: Everything EV.

Image: Everything EV.

Current± sister company Everything EV has penned a collaboration deal with German emobility trade association Bundesverband eMobilität (BEM) which will see an Everything EV Live event hosted in Germany next year.

With Germany having clear decarbonisation targets and ambitions for its transport sector, whilst also navigating the challenge of transitioning their legacy as a global powerhouse in the automotive sector into the EV era, the need for knowledge sharing and collaboration is front of mind for both the automotive and energy sectors.

Everything EV Live is set to be the meeting place that turns these ideas into reality- and gives all stake holders the blueprint of what future strategies and business models will look like.

The partnership will see Everything EV and BEM collaborate on annual events aimed at furthering the emobility ecosystem. Everything EV Live’s maiden event was held last year, with a Europe-wide portfolio of events taking place throughout 2019/20 including the inaugural EV World Congress taking place in April.

BEM, Germany’s federal association for emobility, works to improve the legal framework surrounding electric vehicles and associated infrastructure in order to further the adoption of EVs in the country.

Kurt Sigl, president at BEM was delighted to be partnering with Everything EV Live at a “crucial and exciting time” for the emobility sector in Germany.

“The transport, technology and energy industries must collaborate like never before to accelerate this and Everything EV Live will be a critical meeting point that will catapult the industry forward,” Sigl said.

Matthew Wallhead, portfolio director at Everything EV, said: “We are honoured that BEM has selected Everything EV as their preferred partner to produce an event that will create the business models and partnerships needed to fast track the decarbonisation of Germany’s transport sector.

“BEM’s commitment and vision is unrivalled and when partnered with our editorial powerhouse we have all of the ingredients needed to bring something very special and unique to the German market”

Everything EV Live Germany is to take place in Berlin on 18 – 19 February 2020. More details on the event, and the Everything EV series, can be found here.


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