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GRIDSERVE Electric Highway joins Zap-Map

Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE, at a GRIDSERVE Electric Highway charging site. Image: Zap-Map.

Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE, at a GRIDSERVE Electric Highway charging site. Image: Zap-Map.

The live availability status of GRIDSERVE Electric Highway charging locations is now visible on Zap-Map following a recently completed integration.

It’s hoped this will make planning charge stops easier and deliver a network that people can rely on without range or charging anxiety and regardless of where they live in the UK and what type of electric vehicle (EV) they drive.

It follows GRIDSERVE acquiring – and then rebranding – the Electric Highway earlier this year from Ecotricity. The rebrand saw GRIDSERVE bring its Electric Forecourts, Electric Hubs and Electric Highway brands together under one banner.

GRIDSERVE has since been focused on replacing all of the existing Electric Highway chargers due to the existing infrastructure becoming outdated. It was ranked the worst public charging network in a survey of Zap-Map users in January, with common complaints including that the chargers are old, poorly maintained and frequently out of service.

Over the last four months, legacy chargers have been replaced at over 85 locations across the UK, GRIDSERVE said. The new chargers feature contactless payment and certain chargers are capable of charging speeds of up to 350kW.

GRIDSERVE is also working on the installation of over 50 Electric Hubs with between six and 12 350kW chargers in each location to be delivered across the UK motorway network.

Alongside this, it is in the process of constructing multiple Electric Forecourts and destination charging Electric Hubs. Its first Electric Forecourt, located in Braintree, Essex, opened in December 2020.

The site allows 36 EVs to be charged simultaneously using 350kW chargers, as well as offering a range of other amenities such as a lounge with high speed WiFi, coffee shops and a designated spot for non-EV drivers to learn more about low-emission motoring.

"Driving electric vehicles should be an enjoyable, ultra-convenient and stress-free experience for everyone, and Zap Map helps make it easy for customers to find electric vehicle chargers wherever they are in the UK," Toddington Harper, CEO at GRIDSERVE, said.

"Furthermore, enabling people to view the live status of chargers is really useful, and helps to improve customer experience.”

Current± caught up with Harper following the acquisition of the Electric Highway to discuss the future of the charging network.


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