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Habitat Energy lands battery deal as it targets industry leading portfolio

Image: Arlington Energy.

Image: Arlington Energy.

Battery asset optimisation firm Habitat Energy has landed a contract from Arlington Energy to manage a 40MW battery, as the former sets its sights on assembling a leading portfolio.

Habitat will take control of Arlington’s Greenfield Road project when it completes in October, taking it into the day ahead, intraday and balancing mechanism markets while also making use of ancillary service contracts when possible.

Habitat’s Oxford-based asset optimisation team will use the firm’s algorithmic trading platform to optimise its revenue, with Habitat providing a full route to market.

The 40MW project will next year be joined by the 50MW Oxford battery project, currently under development by Pivot Power, which also forms part of the BEIS-funded so-called Energy Superhub project in Oxford.

Once both are complete, Habitat said it would boast one of the biggest battery optimisation portfolios in the UK.

“Our algorithmic approach to battery optimisation and trading will ensure that the Greenfield Road battery is able to deliver the full flexibility and system benefits that these assets are capable of and that the grid desperately needs,” Andrew Luers, co-founder at Habitat Energy, said.

Matt Clare, director at Arlington Energy, pointed to the recent frequency event and subsequent power cut as a key driver behind ensuring battery storage assets are not just operational, but optimised.

“Arlington felt Habitat is the right choice to ensure we hit the returns we require whilst maintaining the health of the asset for the long-term. Arlington puts significant focus on building the highest quality assets, so it makes sense to partner with someone who truly understands how to extend their lifespan,” he added.


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