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Haven Power pens DSR contract with GridBeyond to target business customers

Image: GridBeyond.

Image: GridBeyond.

Haven Power, the Drax-owned renewable energy supplier, has announced a partnership with demand side response firm GridBeyond to target Haven’s business customer base.

Haven will offer its customers a new range of flexibility services which enables businesses to access new energy technologies and markets and, in tandem, Haven’s trading teams will work alongside GridBeyond to maximise DSR revenues.

As well as DSR programmes and markets, Haven and GridBeyond will work together to determine the possible value wholesale power trading.

Paul Sheffield, chief operating officer at Haven Power, said the partnership had been triggered by a growing trend within the UK business community to demand more from their energy supplier.

“Through the energy services we provide and by partnering with GridBeyond we can help them do more and make the energy they need work harder for them,” he added.

Michael Phelan, chief executive and co-founder at GridBeyond, meanwhile spoke up the potential for the companies’ offerings to “complement each other superbly”.

“We intend to work closely on providing truly innovative energy solutions to the market, empowering large energy users to make the best decisions for their businesses and benefiting from DSR programmes and advanced energy optimisation solutions.”

DSR and flexibility markets have emerged as being of significant interest to energy companies and utilities throughout Europe in recent months as they look to bolster their services suite, aligning with a more general market trend towards valuing flexibility over capacity.

In November French major Engie acquired a majority stake in KiWi Power, while EDF Energy announced that it was to build a portfolio of domestic batteries it intended to aggregate and take into energy services markets.

The trail was arguably set however by Italy’s Enel, which in mid-2017 agreed a deal to pay some £235 million for energy software firm and DSR provider Enernoc, citing an “unparalleled” opportunity in the space.


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