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Home optimisation can save 49% on energy bills finds BEIS-backed Core4Grid trial

The Core4Grid trial combined smart meter data with solar and storage, optimising this to save on energy bills. Image: Getty.

The Core4Grid trial combined smart meter data with solar and storage, optimising this to save on energy bills. Image: Getty.

Smart home optimisation can save an average of 49% annually on energy bills according to a Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)-backed trial.

Core4Grid used geo’s Whole Home Optimisation solution and EDF smart meter data to manage rooftop solar generation and home battery storage in 24 homes.

The software is able to use machine learning to assess how best to use smart energy tariffs, balancing stored and self-generated energy with grid energy to reduce energy costs and emissions.

“The Core4Grid trial is the clearest proof to date of the immense potential of Great Britain’s smart meter rollout to homes across the country,” said Steve Cunningham, chief executive officer at geo.

“This moves theory into practice and clearly shows how households can actively – and automatically – reduce their carbon footprint, reduce their bills and at the same time, play a critical part in the drive towards net zero.”

In May, the rollout of smart and advanced meters hit 24.2 million as the pace of installations picked up again after the lockdowns in Britain.

The Core4Grid trial brought together geo, energy supplier EDF, distribution network operator UK Power Networks, energy aggregator Upside Energy, consultancies Cambridge and Everoze and the Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust.

It ran for 24 months, and concluded in February, showing the significant potential for reducing bills through smart optimisation, with households seeing a 14% reduction in their emissions.

“Millions of households are already benefiting from smart meters that are putting them in charge of their energy use and cutting their bills,” said energy minister Lord Callanan.

“Now, thanks to almost £1 million of government funding, the Core4Grid trial is showing how smart meters can link to other innovative technologies to further drive down costs for homeowners and help tackle climate change by effectively managing their energy needs.”

Core4Grid was funded by BEIS’s Energy Innovation Programme.

In May, geo acquired disaggregation specialist ONZO in a strategic move for the company’s plan to deploy its Whole Home Optimisation smart energy system across the UK and Europe.


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