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Iberdrola’s Perseo announces EV Startup Challenge

Image: Iberdrola.

Image: Iberdrola.

Iberdrola’s startup programme Perseo has launched a Startup Challenge to find new technologies to facilitate electric vehicle (EV) charging.

The company said that it is looking for software platforms, solutions for automatic access to car parks, closed areas or online management of charging points, amongst other potential technologies both for residential and commercial charging.

Applications can be submitted up until the 28 February, and the winner will receive technical and financial support from Iberdrola to test its project.

Following trialing of the winning technology - using Iberdrola’s facilities and infrastructure -there is the possibility for it to become a global supplier for Iberdrola, should it prove successful.

Luis Buil, global head of Smart Mobility at Iberdrola, said that "smart mobility requires constant innovation".

“With this challenge we want to find solutions that will make charging infrastructure smarter and more efficient, and ultimately improve the experience of electric vehicle ownership for drivers.

"All predictions show that electric vehicle ownership will increase substantially in the coming years, and access to charging points remains one of the key challenges.”

The challenge comes a day after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that petrol and diesel cars will be phased out five years earlier than originally planned, in 2035. This will help to expand the EV market in the country, accelerating the decarbonisation of transportation.

Many companies are looking to develop innovative EV charging technologies to capitalise of the growing emobility market. Octopus Electric Vehicles has partnered with EO Charging to launch a new EV charging solution, while Northern Powergrid has launched a new tool to help identify the best locations for new EV charging points, for example.

Iberdrola itself has a stake in EV charging manufacturer Wallbox, and recently signed a strategic agreement with Mercedes-Benz to allow drivers of Mercedes-Benz’s new EV range to take advantage of Iberdrola’s mobility solution in Spain.

Iberdrola - owned Scottish Power also launched a similar EV charging solution in the UK in 2018, offering drivers an electric vehicle, installation of a Wallbox charger and a 100% renewable electricity tariff as a singular package.


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