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Igloo Energy launches new EV charging app to reduce emissions

Image: Tesla.

Image: Tesla.

Independent energy supplier Igloo is trialling a new smartphone app which it says can reduce electric vehicle charging emissions by as much as 20%.

The app, currently being trialled exclusively with Tesla customers, works by linking a customer’s EV account to their Igloo Energy supply account and then automatically charging a connected vehicle at times when carbon emissions are at their lowest.

Grid carbon intensity can vary throughout the day as different quantities of low carbon generation comes on stream. The app takes into account National Grid forecast to select times at which low carbon generation is feeding into the grid, electing to charge vehicles during those periods rather than use the first electricity available.

However there are also a number of stopgaps to ensure EVs are ready and available to drive when required. Consumers can set a time by which their car must be charged using the app, and the charger will override the setting and draw from the grid if necessary.

Igloo Energy intends to launch the app for other vehicle owners in the coming months, and the supplier is to also reward customers by sending them a £5 coffee voucher for every ten ‘smart charges’ they complete.

Matt Clemow, chief executive at Igloo Energy, stressed the importance of the app requiring minimum effort on the customer’s part.

“The electricity grid in the UK is supplied by many different types of generation, whether that be renewables like wind, solar or hydro through to dirtier fuels like coal and gas. By setting your car to recharge when the generation that’s actually supplying the grid is as clean as possible it cuts actual carbon emissions - making journeys even cleaner.”


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