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Jumptech partners with Pod Point to help accelerate growth

Image: Pod Point.

Image: Pod Point.

Pod Point has become the most recent company to partner with Jumptech, to use its platform for electric vehicle (EV) charger installations.

The charger company will use Jumptech Connect to help manage a portion of its overflow installations, allowing more complex installs to be automatically passed to Jumptech’s partner YESSS Electrical, who can in turn use the platform to assign jobs to certified installers.

According to the company, utilising Jumptech’s platform will provide clients with a “seamless customer journey”, providing complete real-time visibility of out-sourced installations.

CEO of Pod Point, Erik Fairbairn, highlighted that the electrification of vehicles is “one of the most powerful means” we have to stop transport from damaging the earth.

“The Jumptech platform will enable us to rapidly expand our charging network which in turn will help to accelerate the transition to electric.”

Additionally, the platform will be used by engineers during the installation to automatically commission the charger, is ready for customer usage following this stage, reducing administrative costs for Pod Point.

Jumptech has formed a number of significant partnerships recently, including paring up with YESSS EV & Energy and Good Energy to use their platform to reduce administration and simplify the installation process for EV chargers.

Phil Nunn, founder of Jumptech, added: “We specifically designed the Jumptech platform to support large scale rollout of EV chargers involving multiple parties, bringing the benefits of improved customer experience and reduced administrative overheads to all parties involved.

“It’s fantastic to provide this capability to Pod Point in partnership with YESSS, helping them effectively manage the ever-growing demand for their product.”


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