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Kaluza signs 'unrivalled' transatlantic partnership with Innowatts to accelerate digitalisation

The partnership is designed to offer energy retailers with a suite of capabilities. Image: Pexels

The partnership is designed to offer energy retailers with a suite of capabilities. Image: Pexels

Kaluza has signed a strategic partnership with Innowatts to deploy the two companies’ technologies throughout North America and Europe.

The collaboration will see Kaluza’s demand response services made available to Innowatts’ North American utility customers, while Innowatts will make its energy analytics and forecasting modules available to Kaluza’s strategic partner, OVO Energy.

Having been set up by OVO in 2019, Kaluza offers energy retailers the Kaluza Flex demand response product, with this capable of intelligently managing the charging of millions of connected home devices such as electric vehicles (EVs) and heating and cooling systems so they store and use the cheapest and greenest energy.

Last month, the company appointed Scott Neuman as its CEO based in Washington DC, US, as it continued to advance its international expansion. This followed it signing a licensing and investment agreement with AGL Energy, the largest retailer in Australia, in March, as well as with ENI in France last year.

With this new partnership, Kaluza and Innowatts are aiming to offer market participants a suite of capabilities to transform their operations and customer experience, lower costs, reduce carbon emissions and deliver demand response solutions.

Innowatts’ platform enables near real-time data intelligence and visibility at the meter level, helping users to more effectively forecast demand, manage supply related risk and increase profitability through decreased costs while also maintaining grid reliability.

The company announced its intention to open a new office in Cork, Ireland, in April, with this coming as part of efforts to expand its European presence.

Innowatts' director of strategic development for EMEA, Harrison Brook, said: “This partnership is unrivalled in its capability to enable electric utilities and retail energy providers to take a step forward on their journey towards digital transformation."


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