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Kiwi Power expands into Japanese market with ENECHANGE partnership

Image: Kiwi Power.

Image: Kiwi Power.

Kiwi Power has partnered with ENECHANGE to bring its distributed energy resource platform to Japan.

This will allow energy players in the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sectors to play into Japan’s emerging flexibility programs.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the country's renewable energy sector has grown at pace, and Japan is now targeting carbon-neutrality by 2050. Alongside this more diverse power mix, there is a growing demand for energy flexibility to help balance the intermittency of the supply.

This has meant there is now a $136+ billion power trading market in Japan, offering a sizable opportunity for distributed energy resource monetisation.

Partnering with energy technology innovation company ENECHANGE will allow Kiwi Power to offer its energy technology platform, which includes Virtual Power Plant (VPP) capability, to C&I companies in Japan.

ENECHANGE has been “eagerly following the global trends in the VPP sector” said the company’s CEO Yohei Kiguchi.

“Kiwi Power has a strong track record and has been recognised by global leaders like ENGIE, and our alliance presents a fantastic opportunity. The combination of Kiwi Power's technology and ENECHANGE's network present a strong foundation for growth in the Japanese market.”

Kiwi Power was one of the winners in the Japan Energy Challenges in 2019, which was renamed ENECHANGE Insight Ventures in 2021. Last year, our sister publication Energy Storage News caught up with international market development leader, Nima Tabatabai, to discuss the win and the lessons Japan can learn from the UK.

The competition was initially launched by analytics and AI company SMAP Energy, which was acquired by ENECHANGE in March, with the two aiming to build a +$1 billion energy tech company.

Jay Zoellner, CEO of Kiwi Power said they were “beyond thrilled” to have ENECHANGE as the company's distribution partner in the Japanese market, adding that as the market opens up they expect to “see billions of dollars of value and grid efficiency unlocked through our technology".

“Kiwi Power is committed to helping Japan realise carbon neutrality by 2050 and grid flexibility is key to making the country’s energy transition economically feasible.”

The expansion into Japan follows Kiwi Power moving into the US market in July 2020, securing ENGIE North America for its first client.


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