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Lightsource chief Nick Boyle on how businesses can save through PPAs

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Wholesale electricity prices might be low at the moment, but they are expected to rise in the near future which would, at least in theory, prompt a surge in the amount businesses are charged for their power. Energy price volatility can have significant repurcussions on intensive industries, leaving many to consider just where might be best to source it from.

Renewables has come to the fore as one such destination. Rather than paying for an installation, businesses can approach installers to construct a solar farm on adjacent land and purchase the electricity directly from it, often at rates far cheaper than that on offer from utilities. Lightsource chief executive Nick Boyle sees a significant future in negotiating power purchase agreements with power-hungry companies eyeing up reduced exposure to wholesale power price volatility. Ahead of next month's Solar Summit, Boyle discusses the opportunities in PPAs for both installers and UK PLC.

Lightsource Renewable Energy is the Corporate Energy Partner of the Solar Summit, organised by Solar Power Portal's publisher, Solar Media.


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