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Limejump bags Bluefield Solar PPA for its VPP

Image: Getty.

Image: Getty.

Energy tech firm Limejump has penned a short-term power purchase agreement with UK solar investor Bluefield Solar Income Fund.

The deal will see Limejump take over the management of the trading of power generated from solar farms within Bluefield’s stable, taking that power into Limejump’s virtual power platform.

Limejump’s VPP consists of cloud-based software, a smart box, analytical ability, operations and trading platforms, a commercial/billing platform and customer portal. It enables trading and provides data, allowing for increased asset control.

As a result, energy generators are able to better balance intermittent renewable assets and better meet demand.

“This latest PPA agreement, with one of the country’s leading renewable investment funds, highlights our ability to work with different types of asset owners, as well as different generation types and sizes across the full energy spectrum,” Limejump’s vice president of sales, Joe McDonald said.

Bluefield’s group finance director, Neil Wood said: “We were impressed with what Limejump had to offer. They were competitively priced and being a part of Shell, are a strong and credible counterparty. We are delighted to welcome Limejump as one of our PPA off-takers.”

Bluefield remains one of the UK’s largest solar companies, with a combined installed power capacity of more than 465MW peak.


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