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Limejump begins optimising Voltalia’s 32MW Hallen battery

Hallen is Voltalia's flagship battery energy storage site in Britain. Image: Limejump.

Hallen is Voltalia's flagship battery energy storage site in Britain. Image: Limejump.

Limejump today started optimising Voltalia’s first UK utility-scale battery, the 32MW Hallen battery in Bristol.

It will now be traded in both National Grid’s ancillary service markets and the wholesale power market, as part of a multi-year collaboration between the two companies.

Part of the Shell Group, Limejump now has a flex portfolio of almost 450MW and has achieved over 54,000 hours of asset optimisation since 2016.

The optimisation of Hallen follows the company signing a new partnership with South Somerset District Council’s Opium Power to optimise 90MW of battery energy storage assets in March.

“There has never been more urgency from a climate and energy security perspective for the development of renewables, such as wind and solar power,” said Genna Boyle, head of Renewables & Flexibility at Limejump.

“As renewable penetration increases and plays a bigger role in powering our lives, we must ensure that battery storage is in place to store renewable energy, and in doing so, balance the National Grid. We look forward to optimising Voltalia’s first ever utility-scale battery and supporting them on their flexibility journey.”

Hallen was commissioned at the end of 2021, delivering its first electricity into the grid in December.

Voltalia has an international 1.3GW renewables portfolio, including numerous solar farms around Britain such as the 49.9MW South Farm solar plant in Dorset and the 7.2MW Tonge solar park in Kent. Current± recently spoke to Limejump’s COO Tom Putney about the high prices currently being seen in the Dynamic Containment market in Britain, for our weekly feature Current± Price Watch.


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