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LowCVP backs zero emission transport goals with rebrand to Zemo Partnership

Image: Zemo Partnership.

Image: Zemo Partnership.

LowCVP has rebranded as the Zemo Partnership to reflect the need for UK road transport emissions to fall to zero by 2050.

The 200+ member-backed, government-linked organisation was set up in 2003 to accelerate a sustainable shift to lower carbon, cleaner vehicles and fuels. It is now embracing the new net zero target, it said, and changing its name as a demonstration that the climate emergency means that ‘low’ is “no longer enough”.

A new website for the Zemo Partnership has been launched alongside a new visual identity. In addition, its members are to be asked to commit to a new Partnership Charter supporting the objective of accelerating the transition to zero emissions.

Philip Sellwood CBE, Zemo Partnership’s chair, said that it is “very aware that changing our name means nothing if it is not backed-up by tangible actions”.

As a result, a new Zemo Accelerate Programme of initiatives will be announced later this year to demonstrate the Zemo Partnership’s purpose and positioning to its stakeholders.

Zemo Partnership’s managing director Andy Eastlake said that “we must reset out targets, roll up our sleeves and focus on the road to zero”.

“Re-born, as Zemo Partnership, we are strengthening our commitment to make change happen faster and accelerate the transport transition to zero emissions.”

Current± caught up with Sellwood last year to discuss the goals of the organisation as transport moves into a 'multi-sector' agenda.


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