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Mayor of London opens £43m Warmer Homes energy efficiency scheme

New funding for the Warmer Homes scheme was announced last year. Image: Greater London Authority.

New funding for the Warmer Homes scheme was announced last year. Image: Greater London Authority.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is writing to eligible households to invite them to register for the Warmer Homes scheme, which offers grants for energy efficiency improvements.

This is being done alongside local councils, and follows on from Khan announcing new funding for the scheme last year, with £43 million now on offer.

Grants of between £5,000 and £25,000 are available to eligible low-income households in London for measures such as heat pumps, solar, draught proofing, heating system improvements or repairs and insulation.

In total, £20 million has been delivered through the scheme since 2018, which is a mix of Mayoral and government funding.

It comes at a time when energy bills are soaring and are expected to climb once again in the autumn, with over four in ten (46%) adults who pay energy bills in Great Britain currently finding it very or somewhat difficult to afford their energy bills, according to figures from the Office for National Statistic.

Meanwhile, 26% of GB adults are considering making energy efficiency changes in their home - though cost was still a barrier.

Energy efficiency measures can help reduce bills, with many in the industry calling for more government support for energy efficiency in light of the current energy crisis.

"With the unprecedented cost of living crisis and soaring energy prices, I am particularly concerned about those on lower incomes whose energy bills are likely to take up a larger share of their outgoings," Khan said.

He added that the Warmer Homes scheme will help low-income households make their homes warmer, greener and cheaper to run.

It follows the government recently announcing £179 million for energy efficiency upgrades to social housing, including the installation of heat pumps and solar panels, as part of its £3.8 billion Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund.


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