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Mer acquires Elmtronics to strengthen UK EV charging position

Elmtronics is to start rebranding to Mer this quarter. Image: Mer

Elmtronics is to start rebranding to Mer this quarter. Image: Mer

Statkraft-owned EV charging platform Mer is to acquire Elmtronics, with the intention of bringing economies of scale into the development of electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Mer is intending to use the acquisition to strengthen its position in the UK in support of its goals of developing enhanced, customer-orientated EV charging experiences.

The acquisition is currently pending approval of customary authorities, which is expected to conclude in late January.

Elmtronics will then start rebranding to Mer during Q1, with this adding workplace and fleet charging to the Mer network, which is primarily made up of public fast charging.

“By combining their expertise and experience with Mer’s international credentials and financial strength, we are able to grow rapidly in this sector, greatly assisting the UK in its fleet transition to a low carbon future,” Anthony Hinde, Mer UK managing director, said.

Mer - which was previously known as Gronn Kontakt – was itself acquired by Statkraft in late 2019 before being formally launched in April 2021.

Since then, it has racked up a number of roaming agreements with other UK chargepoint operators, including NewMotion - now rebranded to Shell Recharge Solutions - and Paua. Its chargepoints are also available through Octopus Electric Juice, with the two having signed an agreement last July.


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