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MFG to invest £50m in 60 EV charging hubs set to open this year

MFG's flagship EV charging hub in Putney. Image: MFG

MFG's flagship EV charging hub in Putney. Image: MFG

The Motor Fuel Group (MFG) is to deploy 60 new ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs across the UK in 2022.

Each hub is to have between four and eight 150kW chargers, with 350 to be installed across the sites in total.

These are then to be augmented with 300kW+ chargers as vehicle battery technology improves, with the intention of maintaining the fastest charging times across the MFG network.

Several companies have announced 300kW charger rollouts in the UK, with Octopus Hydrogen and Octopus Renewables partnering with mobility R&D location MIRA Technology Park for the development of a hydrogen and EV charging forecourt featuring 300kW chargers last year.

Additionally, 300kW chargers are being installed by Fastned at the Oxford Energy Superhub, while bp pulse announced a rollout of 300kW chargers in March 2021.

Development of the 60 MFG hubs - which will be a combination of dual-fuel and EV-only - is to cost £50 million, with this coming as part of MFG’s commitment to invest £400 million in EV infrastructure by 2030.

In 2021, the company invested £40 million in EV charging, which included the opening of its flagship forecourt in Putney and the north-west of England’s first dedicated ultra-rapid EV only site in Manchester.

Alongside the 60 new hubs, MFG is to energise a further 20 sites in Q1 2022 that were completed in the final months of 2021.

“We have already invested significantly, and ahead of the curve, on EV charging across our portfolio," William Bannister, CEO, MFG, said, describing the company's 2022 plans as an "ambitious rollout".

He added that the company's EV charging sites provide a "high-quality retail and consumer experience", with MFG's charging network being voted the second most popular among EV drivers in a Zap-Map survey last year.


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