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Mitie passes 600 EV charger milestone as it launches fleet transition service

Image: Mitie.

Image: Mitie.

Mitie is on track to complete its goals of installing 800 electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints at its offices and staff homes by the end of 2020.

The company signed a deal with Pod Point in May 2019 for the installation of chargepoints, although a Mitie spokesperson told Current± today that it has been working with “a number of companies” to install chargepoints so it can “continue to review the different solutions available and recommend the provider that is best suited to meet the specific needs of each client”.

Of its 800 chargepoint goal, 600 have already been installed and “175 more are already in train” with over two months of the year left.

However, the company said that despite its progress, access to public chargepoints such as those in on-street and communal parking remains a “key challenge for transitioning to electric”.

“We’re keen to encourage the UK government and local authorities to support the switch to electric by investing in more charging infrastructure, especially for communal and on-street parking,” the spokesperson said.

This comes as it surpasses another milestone, with 750 EVs as part of its fleets, jumping past its target of 717 by the end of 2020 - equivalent to 20% of its fleet.

To help share its experience with transitioning a fleet, Mitie has launched its Plan Zero Fleet Transition service, an end-to-end solution encompassing every stage of a business’ EV transition from vehicle choice and charging infrastructure to employee travel policies.

Simon King, director of sustainability and social value at Mitie, said: “With such a rapid electric vehicle rollout, we’ve overcome numerous challenges by creating and implementing new solutions along the way. Through our Plan Zero fleet transition service, we’re taking our commitment to sustainability one step further by sharing our experiences and expertise with others.”


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