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Moixa and Alfen team up for EV charging solution to ‘leapfrog the competition’

Alfen Eve Single Pro-line chargers. Image: Moixa and Alfen.

Alfen Eve Single Pro-line chargers. Image: Moixa and Alfen.

Moixa has teamed up with energy solutions company Alfen to run a trial looking at the impact of smart charging on electric vehicle (EV) owners’ energy bills and carbon emissions.

The two companies will use Moixa’s GridShare artificial intelligence software together with Alfen’s EV chargers to create personalised smart charging plans.

These will be based on household energy consumption patterns, locally-produced solar PV energy and optimisation for time of use tariffs.

During the first stage of the project, 7.4kW Alfen Eve Single Pro-line chargers integrated into Moxia’s GridShare software will be rolled out around the UK.

The companies say that this technology would usually cost thousands of pounds, but those involved in the project will receive the system for free.

Moixa’s CEO Simon Daniel said that adding together the companies' technologies provides customers with a “real cost incentive” that will allow them to “leapfrog the competition".

“Smart charging will be essential for supporting the acceleration of EVs onto the UK market. Up to a fifth of new cars will be EVs by 2026 and up to 36 million ‘batteries on wheels’ are forecast to be on UK roads by 2040. Smart charging solutions like our collaboration with Alfen will help drive this rapid growth and ensure our power networks don’t become overloaded.”

Following the successful completion of the trial, the companies are planning to commercially roll out the offer.

Alex Earl, Alfen’s UK country manager, said that the technology could have “huge implications” for all its customers, driving down “cost-savings and ultimately turbo-charge the growth of EVs".

“This solution fits perfectly with our overall mission to provide smart energy solutions and enable EV drivers to be even more sustainable by charging at the cleanest and most cost-effective times.”

Moixa is continuing to grow in the EV space, and is already collaborating with charger manufacturer EO on “revolutionary” dedicated smart charging and home solar battery technologies.

The company also has a long term partnership with automotive giant Honda, which led a £8.6 million funding round in Moixa. Together they also launched a vehicle-to-grid project at Islington Council in London earlier this year.

Alfen is also increasingly focused on the EV market, launching a new domestic EV smart charge point last March. It also partnered with Siemens and ChargePoint Services to expand the ‘Source West’ EV network in the West of England, upgrading the current infrastructure and installing 120 new charge point connections.


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